Galatzó Trail 2023

Competition Data

  • Date: 12/03/2023
  • Cursa per Muntanya
  • Mallorca
  • City: Galatzó
  • Time: 08:30
  • Registered:
  • Start Reg.: 27/07/2022 00:00
  • Limit: 09/03/2023 21:00
  • Organiza: Fundacio Calvia
  • Fee:
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Disponibilidad Plazas
  • Galatzó legend (+- 43 km):  
  • Galatzó half: (+- 23 km):  
Esta competición tiene las plazas limitadas por recorrido.


Esta competición se rige por las normas de la Federación:

Federació Balear de Muntanyisme i Escalada 2023

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Galatzó Trail 2023

Competition Data


12th of march 2023


Race location

Es Capdellà, Plaça de Sa Vinya.

Dorsal collecting: Saturday 11th of March from 15h to 20h (Palau Municipal d'esports de Calvià)

Cancellation & refund policy

  • Until 31th December 2022: 75% refund
  • Until 31th January 2023: 50% refund
  • Until 13th February 2023: 25% refund
  • From 14th February 2023: No refunds possible

To claim a CANCELLATION fee,it will be necessary to send an email to titled "CANCELLATION GT23" indicating in the content of the message, your name, surname, email and your ID or Passport number. It will not be necessary to give any reason for the cancellation.

Race changes:

Race changes can only be made in the event that the race to which the participant would like to change still has places available, and if the request is made AT LEAST 1 month before the race is held.

Name changes:

The exchanging of bib numbers between athletes is not permitted. If an athlete cancels their registration, the organisation will proceed to reinsert the free place in the sales system. Under no circumstances does a cancellation entitle the person cancelling to choose his/her substitute.


Day: 12th of march 2023

Hour: 8.30 am (LEGEND 43 K start) 10 am (HALF 23 K start)

Place of start and arrival: Plaça Sa Vinya (es Capdellà)

WEB: https://www.galatzó


  • LEGEND: +43 KM (mountain marathon)
  • HALF: +23 KM (mountain half marathon)


Day: Saturday 11th of march 2023 (place: TBA)

Hours: from 3 pm to 8 pm



23 k (Half)

43 k (Legend)

Until 31th August 2022

25,00 €

35,00 €

From September to december 2022

30,00 €

40,00 €

January and february 2023

35,00 €

45,00 €

March 2023

45,00 €

50,00 €


Entry is open to all runners who have formally registered. Participants must be at least 18-years old on the date of the race and must have an adequate level of fitness to take part in this kind of physical challenge.


Finisher medal for all the finishers, commemratve t-shirt  , Race kit, Race timing, Physiotherapists,Animation in the race, Prizes, Cloakrooms, Aid stations, Parallel activities, Medical services, Awards ceremony, Prizes, Transfers,Other surprises


The categories for the Galatzó Trail (2 races) are as follows:

  • JUNIOR MEN / WOMEN (19 – 20)
  • PROMISE MEN / WOMEN (21 - 23)
  • SENIOR MEN / WOMEN (24 - 39)
  • VETERANS A - M40 / W40 (40 - 49)
  • VETERANS B - M50 / W50 (50 – 54)
  • MASTER M55 / W55 (55 – 59)
  • VETERANS C - M60 / W60 (+60)

Trophies will be given to the first three athletes of each category. It is mandatory to be at the awards ceremony to collect the prize.

The established categories and prizes are: The ages are referenced as of 31 December of the year of the competition.


The Galatzó Trail 2023 starts and ends in the “Plaça de Sa Vinya” (Es Capdellà), in the town, and runs in its entirety through the mountain paths of the Serra de Tramuntana, concretely, in the LIC zones of Es Galatzó – S'Esclop, Puig de Na Bauçà and the Galatzó Public Estate.

The route is published on this website and in other media associated with the event, such as: the event’s social media or registration website.

The Organisation reserves the right to change, modify or suspend the published route in the event of exceptional circumstances (weather, security, recommendations from emergency services, etc.).

In case of changes, modifications or suspensions of routes, the Organisation will inform the participants by the means at its disposal, website, social media, emailing participants, etc.

The route is appropriately signposted throughout.


Checkpoints will be placed on participants.

Each participant will be obliged to wear the platform chip .

Participants who do not wear it permanently will be penalised.

In order to be ranked, participants must complete the entire course and have passed through all the checkpoints established by the Organisation.

The maximum time to complete the GALATZÓ LEGEND is 10 hours. Participants are required to enter within the cut-off time that is set at:

GALATZÓ TRAIL LEGEND (43 km): 8.30 am (Plaça de Sa Vinya, Es Capdellà)

Cut-off point 1: TO BE ANNOUNCED

Cut-off point 2: 6 pm (18 h) – Finish line

The Organisation, due to weather conditions, reserves the right to:

Extend the cut-off time

Reduce the route and distance of the race

These possible modifications will be notified on the website, briefings or normal communication channels.

Participants who exceed the time limit at the established cut-off point will not be allowed to continue the race.

GALATZÓ TRAIL HALF (22 kms): 10 am (Plaça de Sa Vinya, Es Capdellà) – there are no established cut-off points.

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